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keluarga sony

Hello, Welcome to Keluarga Sony .

Sony and Anna, we’re husband and wife with life journey, Cooking, and Culinary adventures . we both doesnt have professional experiences and proper education of culinary, we just have similar likes and hobbies on culinary adventure , We love to shop on traditional groceries store, cook it and Enjoy it, We both are also enjoy so many different place of food restaurant in our city, We also love to tell stories about our success and failure of life experiences.

Wife’s loves to cook, experimenting with batches of recipes from internet and family recipes. while husband really love to eat it.. We’re Spend our time mostly at home, local restaurant, travelling and also love to sharing our feedback from local eaters. Foods are averything to us, especially healthy and Savory dish that doesnt hurt our wallet.. . we can resist fancy jewelry, new arrival clothes, bags, shoes or gadget, but foods are we cant never resist..

We felt that starting a blog would let us tell our experiences of cooking, dining, even life stories, and maybe it could inspiring you to try our recipes in your own kitchen

We’re based in Solo, Indonesia. We’re living at parent’s house in tiny small room and spend our time together for loving, caring, watching movie, gaming, etc.. We’ve been married since January 13, 2013 (click here to see pics), and we’ve been know each other since July ’07 and declare our long distance relationship on January 4, 2008 (Read full Story)

About Sony (20 March 1979 – 21 May 2014) by Anna

sony surya kusumaSony is warm heart husband. hes 9 years older than me. Loving and Caring more than i do. he’s Love to eat, he loves gaming so much and also coffee lovers. the most things that i love about him are, he is a romantic husband,  full of surprise, patient person.. and sometime annoying too haha. while being such those disorganize girl as i am, it is great to have someone who can really organize everything like him..

About Anna by Sony

misrozanaShes a young wife and i love her so much…

childish behavior but has mature way of thinking..  spoiled at some moments but has caring heart when i need one. making mess but full of talent as a cook just the way i like it.

she loves traveling, learning something new, watching movie, playing games, dreaming and planning about our future together.

i thought there was nothing i dont like about her. i was blindly in love until make me only see the greatness in her.

5 words to describe her: young, adorable, cute, beautiful, smart.

Disclaimer Food Review and Recipes:
All article review/opinions posted here are only our personal opinion. a matter of taste, price and all aspects written in this blog are purely author’s personal palate and experiences.  the taste may affect later on according your personal palate. The author claim that there is non-material or material compensation has been received by the authors to write this review

All recipes posted in this blog is personal invention or adaptation. matter of taste is according to your own personal palate, you can alter my recipes without permission, but i will really appreciate if you include my blog links to your article post.


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