Its been such long…. loonggg.. time i never write again in this blog…. not because i dont have story too tell, its because i had too much blog to take care sampe bingung enakan posting dimana, akhirnya memutuskan untuk beli buku diary di gramedia dan menulis di kertas dengan tinta pena hitam anti air hahaha…

today i was planned to change this blog name,,, yess…. i mean “this” blog name is keluargasony.wordpress.com to be something like “annskyl” or else… not because i dont want to remind any of past story,, tapi karena saya ingin lebih dikenal dengan sosok saya yang sekarang ini.. stories will kept by itself, no deletion necessary…. maybe some new touch, new background, new logo, new title.. that make my blog fresh look mengingat traffic di blog ini akhir2 melejit (katanya wordpress via laporan)…

Setelah berkutat lama di dashboard wordpress, klik sana sini, liat informasi apa yang bisa saya lakukan setelah saya mengganti nama keluargasony menjadi nama barunya… tiba2 didetik terakhir saya tinggal klik “confirm” or “cancel”, saya akhirnya meng-klik “cancel”…

Hahaha… yup beneran plin-plan.. saya mengurungkan niatan itu… mengganti address blog ini ke something new… entah mungkin keluarga sony blog sudah dikenal dikhalayak luas termasuk google rating, untuk mengganti nama baru butuh korban waktu… belum lagi tidak ada jamin dari google nama yang baru nanti bakalan booming di google search, so that why… one of the reason .. ” i stay with keluarga sony”

Next in the future, keluarga sony blog, will be more about personal life… “anna skyline’s life”, mengingat im single woman now… keluarga sony will remain as one of best memory… remind me of my history with someone i loved… stories that remain as part of history of my life… will not be delete… it will keep treasure for everyone who willing to read my journey… i mean real journey from one of single human on this universe that value love so much…

Us (me and sony) is the past, and now i embrace the future by writting a blog that i hope will be full of contents, informations, compliment, or something else useful….

Someone told me, not to stop writting and sharing, yet im end up stop doing it… i guess this is the moment, when i have to value my self and everything in my life on paragraphs… i stop writting on my other blog.. it just make me confused where to start…



My name is Anna

i am 28 years old, soon to be 29

this is my blog “keluarga sony” is one of the best blog i ever write for the rest of mylife..

i value love and kindness, i value myself and everything who love me…


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