All About Him

Sony Surya Kusuma

Favorit Color

Favorite Movie
Sci-fi movie, Horor, serial Killer and thriller such as Star Wars, Star Trex

Favorite Cars
Nissan Skyline GT

Gaming, Working, Downloading

Favorite Game
Racing, mmporg, Shooting

Favorite Tv Show recently
Brain Games NatGeo, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, LiTV

Latest Tv show been Watched:
Brain Games, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, Tasty Road

Favorite Food
Everything As long my Cooking, Meat, Fish, Noodles, and he love Coffee so much.. and i always manage him to limit his coffee

Favorite Drink
Ice water, Thai Tea, Espresso, any type of black coffee, with a shot lliquor (if available)

Afraid of.
Never afraid of anything

Angry of.
Never Angry of anything

No Smoke

Not a Drinker

He love to wear his long office black trouser everywhere he go, plus collar shirt with left pocket on it, and he
always love to wear black, black color is priority for him.. wearing his brown crocs sandal.

Yes, but for clear sight purpose, he look so handsome and sweet without his glasses, which i love the most when i
saw deeply into his beautiful eyes >_<

What color of his eyes?
Brown like mine.. slightly orange haze

anything cheap with high performance spec.

his latest dream, yet cometrue?
build me a house which is designing by himself, driving Nissan Skyline, his already did it once with his college
friend, but he want to drive it again with me, go on vacation with me and our future kids.. make his workplace
(rsud dr moewardi) better place for worker and patients

favorite thing about him:
i love him teasing me, praise me, support me, always said i am beautiful and pretty, affect me, love me, spoil me..
I love his warm body, heart, and mind.
i love everything about him, every single thing he did to me..

what things that he use to always remind you:

  • begging me to wearing heel.. because he love to see me wearing high heel, even i already 6ft tall.
  • wearing short pant, he love to see his wife always look pretty and pretty than other girl in the world.
  • Dont forget to eat alot, he always remind me dont forget to eat, even sometime he always forget him self to eat when busy..
  • Use make up, because he said im pretty with simple nature makeup..



Picture 047

what things that remind you always about him
Saying he love me everyday in the morning, kissing me in the cheek and forehead..
Huge him in the back, while riding on motorbike, turn the front mirrror to him, and telling a story and dream about future together
theres always be someone waiting my cook ready.. i call him outside to come out and present the dish for his mom, and he always taking a picture sharing on his facebook account.
Walking around mall, buying milk tea, drink it in the middle of lobby park with live music..
Went to grocery store or market, buying lifestock and fresh food supply. we have same taste, discount price always be 1st priority..
His Workplace “Moewardi”, i sense so many things about him there, i saw him everywhere around his office from the begining stepped my foot on the floor..
Anywhere around this building.. at motorcycle park, security office, Food Court, Patients Room, Office, ER room,  Everywhere.
He love to travelling and culinary adventure together, so do i, if i have a chance to go anywhere around the world, i will do it will all my heart and his memory inside me.. i would be always remind him that he always be with me..


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