how do i cook my steak?

We both love steaks, you can say that we are steaklover.. tenderloin, sirloin, flank steak, rib eye, t-bone steak, we’ve been try some steak menu on fine dining and resto in our local, some of it provide really great steak and there’s also few place serving with beautiful presentation but not as good as price and presentation.

its really disappointed when you should pay 150k for steak, but what you get is cheap cut of meat, tough has been roughly pounded, cover with a lot flavorless gravy(they do it to cover the meat) and wilted salad. they’re serve it with proud with this price tag, we dont know what the owner think, they’re only think about less outcome and more income by serving that kind of food. we dont need fancy plating, we need the quality of dish from beautiful tender meat, fresh vegies and simple dressing as good as price tag. that the worse experience ever.. me and hubby knowing that local tenderloin is 95K IDR per kilos, fresh from tradisional market.. we expecting those 150K meat has alot of choice, 150gr meat served with french fries and veggies and its already have a huge profit per dish .. but we’re not get those quality.. thats why i think its much better if we cook it at home.. we can get what we want.. with whole bunch satisfaction.

Some place (will not mention where they are), really serve delicious steak, pack with flavor exactly what we want. first time we’ve dining there for try the steak, its called australian beef with newyork style steak, sounds tempting.. and it is great only 80K, the price its much cheaper but the quality was there. we get real sirloin, tender meat fresh cut without pounded, and the sauce really taste good its  brown sauce with slice of mushroom and mustard on top, also fresh salad and french fries, its really worth. but couples month ago. we tried to order steak again, price goes up then before now its 120K and its doesnt look like before, they lose their quality, such a shame. and we never came here anymore.

In indonesia steak is one kind of expensive dish because its western style cooking, we have alot of meat dish here, but at some point, eating meat enjoying the real flavor by cooking it perfectly, it is expensive. people said it so hard to cook such a perfect meat, they dont know how to make sauce, they also dont know how to make dressing for salad, or they dont have equipment to cook it. that’s why they choose to enjoy steak in fine dining restaurant even street food to enjoy typical westernize steak. we cant afford 5 stars hotel steak everytime we want, its much much expensive and definitely we will got best quality and perfectly cooked steak from chef if we compare with street food restaurant or food court who also serve steak.. you’ll not found the steak you’re expecting instead you’ll lose alot of money really not worth. most of them use cheap cut of meat roughly pounded everywhere, covering with alot of gravy try to cover dreadful looking meat, people know the fact but they keep ordering those steak, because they’re rich..

i can cook, so i already cook steak almost every week on weekdays, if i get chance to get great meat fresh from local butchery, we really annoyed by local food restaurant. we both really love steak, cooked rare or medium rare, never cooked it well-done, we can spend money for beautiful cut of meet. some grocery store or traditional market provide fresh cut of meat, price really cheap 90K – 130k per kilos. it depend where you buy it..

Some butcher for traditional market dont know how to cut beautiful tenderloin for steak, they usually cut meat randomly or cube, cooked for rendang or beef stew..We should talk to them if you want to cook for steak. we asking them to cut it for steak, flat and clean, otherwise we want a beautiful cut of meat, dry and ready packed, we can also buy from supermarket, prices also worth. some supermarket/grocery store sell different variety of meat that you cant buy on traditional market. the meats are red, sometime if we lucky. we also got slightly marbling fat on the meat.. already cut 150gr, or 200gr, or we also can order special with costumer service if we want cook alot of steak for group. the day before, we can ask for fresh meat which is already cut or still whole tenderloin, so we can cut it later..

Steak really taste delicious if we cook it right away after we buy it. if we freeze it the day before we cook, meat still have a great taste it doesnt lose tenderness, but youll get alot of juice from freezing process, and it also taking longer time to thawed on fridge or room temprature..

i’ve got 25K of tenderloin cut yesterday from lottemart. this place it my fave place to buy meat for steak beside pasar gede (traditional market). they’re both great but they have differences. in pasar gede we can buy meat cheaper than lottemart. whole chunk of tenderloin hanging, they’ll cut it if we buy, sometime the aunty who sell it also hiding some of fresh meat under the table.. we cant say it in english like “is there any sirloin or tenderloin?” they will not understand. you should call the meat with how you cook it.. such meat for rendang, for steak, or else you’ ll get what you want  and they show you the tenderloin or sirloin for steak, and flank (samchan) for rendang. beside that some butchery also lie to you, if you see big chunk of meat on the table and you ask tenderloin, sometime they give us flank cut which is really tough to chew.. you should know what you buy before you buy meat on this kind of market. tenderloin its the most tender part of cow, when you touch it, it smooth and tender, fatty, doesnt have roughly muscle fiber on it even if its dry. and flank, chuck, topside is tough one, it has alot of fibre from muscle if you touch it, its tough and rough fibre.. its good for beef stew or slow cook dish.

Meat on traditional market has wet texture on the meat, they wash the meat with water before they sell it. also they dont have parchment/butcher paper if we buy their meat. they give us plastic bag and also some people wash their meat with running water before cooking process, and this way they want to clean the meat but they also lose alot of good flavor (juice) from meat. in some case, to much water on the meat can make tender meat tough when cooked because contain a lot of water in it. did you ever see foreign tv show about cooking or masterchef competion when they buy meat from butcher? they use parchment paper to wrap the meat. and also masterchef, when they took meat from pantry they’re also use parchment paper. here in indonesia are different way.

meatRed juice from raw meat isn’t actually blood, it contain liquid mix with protein called myoglobin and they also has flavor in it. The more myoglobin, the redder the meat. the redder meat is better. some people wash their meat to oversoak the meat to get rid red juice from meat which is mistaken as blood (halal factor), and meat end up turn into white color, because they loss protein myoglobin on the meat (which is mean its good), only fiber left in it. foreign butchery also hanging the meat to dry the blood and use wet clean towel to clean blood the surface of the meat when they cut the meat, so they wont lose the flavor on the meat. they’re also use parchment paper to keep the meat clean and dry. parchment paper is food grade paper use to warping protein some for baking. if we buy meat in traditional market, you’ll get watery because they wash meat and drain it by hanging, and you’ll get plastic bag  and sometime it smells of recycle. after you get the meat from local market. make sure you tap dry the meat using clean towel or paper towel, dont wash your meat with water too much or soaking for too long, you’ll lose almost great juice, full pack with flavor. as the aunty already wash it. you wont need to wash it again.

Keep fresh meat in the air look container like Tupperware or lock&lock use paper towel on the bottom, or keep it with ziplock plastic before  that wrap with paper towel it will draining the excess water and put on freeze..

Well, if you dont want bother buying on traditional market, we can go on any groceries store who provide fresh meat, choose wisely choose who provide really fresh meat, there’s price different from local market but its ready to cook fresh redness without any black or green spot, beautiful cut, dry no watery and slightly marbling.. like we choose to buy at Lottemart (dont mean to promote them), they already cleaning the meat and dry because they give water absorbent on the bottom.

i cook those steak right away after i get home for lunch, otherwise maybe for dinner. buy it in the morning at weekend, i kept my meat on chilled room, it will stay fresh like supermarket does, but it should cook right away after dinner time arrive. if you wont cook it we should replace it on freezer or you’ll lose the freshness.

honey mustard steakThe meat already pack with flavor so i won’t bother with too much sauce or gravy like restaurant did. lets the meat do the justice..  we do love such a creamy sauce or mushroom gravy and it need more time to cook, Last week i woke up late from afternoon nap, my husband already starving and wanted me to cook dinner for him, with eyes still close i remember already plan to cook steak for dinner. and the meat still on chilled room. and i forget the make salad, i take the meat and thawed it on room temperature for an hour, while waiting prep some sauce for the steak,

An hour passed, check the meat, if its too wet, tap with pepper towel or clean towel to dry some excess liquid. Season the meat with some salt and pepper, lightly rub meat using clean finger, heat the oil on non-stick pan or skillet, on high heat i place my meat on skillet. and cook it 3 minutes each side, for last minute i put crush garlic and butter, cook for another 2 minutes.. turn off the heat. and rest the steak on plate/cutting board

Because we dont have steak knives so i ask my husband to cut steak using kitchen knives and eat it using fork, placed the meat on plate, put french fries for side dish, give some garlic and juice from skillet. and put honey mustard (1tsp mustard,1 tbs pure honey) that i made earlier and drizzling on top. oh dear as we dig in, we really enjoy those heavenly steak with only french fries haha :D.

We both love rare or medium rare steak, pinkies in the middle, slightly burn on outside, couple times already cooking steak. and it really easy to knowing the steak rare, medium rare or well-done. as long you knew the thickness of the meat, more thick the meat, you need more minute to cook rare, more thin your meat. it need less minutes to cook it. the basic is cook using medium heat or high heat, it keeps the red juice pack with flavor stay in the middle of meat, it will came up on the rest processing, you’ll see runny dark redness juice color like blood (actually isnt blood, read here) on cutting board, those red juice are the flavor of meat from fatty muscle, and people use it too for making gravy.  otherwise you cook on low heat, it take longer time to browning outside the meat. and juice on the meat will be boiling, running juice to skillet and slowly sauteed the meat. we want do that, because you’ll get slowly cook meat turn well-done and dry, steamy flavor,  juice already steaming..

we can use a lot of seasoning for steak, me personally use simple seasoning like salt and pepper, sometime using fresh rosemary from garden or buy it in the same grocery store if im lucky i found 3K rupiah fresh rosemary on fresh food, it alsogreat using dry spices, like dry rosemary, thyme, or italian seasoning. of course it cost you more for seasoning, but it really worth to enjoy. put the herb as you cook the steak like i put garlic and butter, herb with infuse to oil and butter and finally it meet the meat and flavoring the juice..

You can use alot of kind gravy, make it at home or buy it ready at grocery store, there’s lots of kind gravy, onion gravy, brown sauce, creamy cheesy sauce, mushroom, etc. they ready to make using only water, or warm it using microwave and pour it on steak. or we can make at home, just need more effort and it worth.. sometime i use cooking cream on the same skillet with steak juice on in. pour some cooking cream, and give sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and pepper, for making mushroom sauce just browing the mushroom using same skillet as we cook steak. pour some cooking cream and shimmer until thickening.. or only use steak juice make some honey mustard dressing, this is  simple also damn good because it already pack or flavor

we also can do the side-dish, with salad and french fries everyone love it, with only boiling some favorite veggies like spinach, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower or asparagus and fried potato wedges. or put more effort making sauerkraut (Germany style fermented cabbage) or fresh salad using watercress, radish dressing with mayo, olive oil or honey mustard.. really i mean almost everything you can do with 25K piece cut of meat per person, cheap veggies almost every market are  available. it worth than we order such a pity steak dish on expensive fine dining that we can spend for almost 3 people at home. for the happy smiley face from family who enjoy our dish, is priceless.. for drink? i make Thai tea, sometimes watermelon blend or lemon juice for more extra smiley from family hehe 😀

Thinking twice before you order, it more worth if you spend money for fancy skillet and kitchen knives and cook everyday for your family. than you buy restaurant dish spend hundred thousand rupiah, and make your wallet crying and regret at the end of the month.. if you can do it, you can eat any kind of steak you want at home, and also you will naturally avoid huge restaurant bill, your logic spoken “why you should order the menu when you can cook it by yourself at home”. if some menu you cant cook by yourself and you like it, eat it, learn it, and practice at home. this principle applies only to families who rely on UMR salary.. haha



Fyi: masih belajar menulis dalam bahasa inggris, maaf  ya klo masih acak adut :D. kalau kurang dimengerti silahkan menggunakan google translate ya 🙂


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