Happy 35th Birthday, Hubby!!

Dear Honey,

Happy 35th Birthday for you, although i dont have present for you, but i’ll give you my best for always beside you forever, wish you always stay healthy, live long and happy cause you’re great husband for me, let us fighting together for our dream and future. i’ll always support you, no matter what you do as long it is logically make sense for us.
you never mad with me, even with my attitude as always behave like spoiled kid, you always patient with everything in front of you. every trouble always we’ve been through together.

i don’t want a fancy car, jewelry, or castle from you, i only want to live long with you, have a couple kids, gets old and have grandchildren. teaching them how to live our life happily ever after.

we fight and we fun together.

i love you, i always do..


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