Idle Time

Hello there, how ya doin?
Hehe im doing really great right now.. sorry, for not posting since the last post.. i have little bit “circumstance”..
which is i cant updating our blog whole the time when that circumstances avoid me to do so.. i wish i can but i couldn’t..


few days ago, my phones dead, which is mean i cant goin through my fave apps on that phone..
my samsung E4GT was blue light of death.. and it was diagnose as Hard Brick.. and it should repair to the profesional. i know maybe you asking me why i dont take it to official samsung service right? its so simple..

i bought this phone on local black market, its ways cheapest that i should buy an official one, as you know the risk are increasing when your phone is corrupted.
i dont know why this happend, it can be happend to everyone who have smartphone right? doing such a heavy duty job, my E4GT ask me fo updating the Jelly Bean firmware everyday, but i always press the “install later” button .. and not this time, when my phones charging doing his job, Connecting me to Internet.. wifi is on.. and suddenly the phone was blank. black screen no respond when i push power button, and im doing “remove the battery” and turn it on again, my phone was bootloop mode..

im shocked, of course im shocked, googling find out why, and we try the way to fix it with “power + vol up” it does show us to the download mode, maybe my husband taking to long to choose what the right thing to my phone and it suddenly blank again.. and remove the battery but this phone end up to be hard brick, and it need to see a professional repairman.. lol

guess what? i cant do my job, my “daily job” couples weeks since i lost my job at, i wanted to learn about blogger and wordpress things.. and also i didnt hesitate to learn about online shop open source.. i should find my own job right? I became unemployed since then..

my phone was cranky too, it was fine, and now he completely make me not useful..
No phone means No everything for my entire life.. means No Internet, No 4SQ check in, No Facebook and Twitter, No Blog Post, No Taking picture, No Instagram existences hahaha.. i feel sluggish to do anything.. thats why phone being part of my life..

damaged the phone doesnt mean i loss everything.. and yes i was disappointing and crying.. this just small things of my life which is had the biggest part of live..
of course im not forget the “huge” part of my life, which is also have a huge body,, you know what i mean right? hahaha
yes, my husband, when i feel down, and disappointed he’s always be there for me, it kind a romantic feeling when he try to cheer me up with his words
“dont worry you still have me”
LOL that is my husband..


in meantime i was being those stupid girl in bed, without doin anything.. watching old movie on hard drive, waiting for husband came home after doind his job at the office.. and bring a new movie that i ask.. lol
Some ppl expecting for vacation in time like this, but my cant handle when i have idle time like this? why do i not cooking? at some circumstances i cant do a cooking thing all the time, so that why i only cam make dinner.. i wish it i can do somemore, baking a cake, experimenting with new kind of menu, fill the pantry with herbs and spices.. oh god i really want that, but because of “that” circumstances, i just cant do it right now..
so im doing dinner dish only, and of course i was experimenting.. get bored with comfort food we have, im thingking to try new menu for home cook.. comforting my husband, made little surprise, something it end up failed, because first try not always succeeded right?

couple days ago since that circumstances, i was recently interesting about Japanese food. yes its possible to make Japanese food at home as regular menu.. as long you have the ingredients.. it was not hard to cook Japanese food, what make it so hard…? because you cant find the ingredient everywhere..
it rarely sell on local market, no i know why Japanese food so special and you only can enjoy it in restaurant..
Doing my research, on eBay, amazon also Kaskus..
eBay and amazon do sell the ingredients freely, i wonder how bout their local market.. it might be available.. like Jakarta right? they’re sell everything.. what about local area? its available or not. as long you can find Japanese restaurant it means the ingredient almost rarely to find.. we can buy it online but in huge amount? i dont think so..
i wont spend that much money for home cook, but its cool for restaurant..

Japanese food was like Chinese food, they have their main ingredient ..
like Chinese food, they’re hero ingredients are soy sauce, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, sesame oil, etc
so are Japanese, they have soy sauce, mirin, sake, for the hero ingredient
so just according to you local market.. its easy to find or rarely to find..

i really want to make sushi roll, with salmon, tuna, cucumber, or avocado, but first i should have sushi roll mat, rice wine vinegar, at least wasabi..
i want to make Katsu or tempura, it needs panko flour.
i want to make Sukiyaki, or other Japanese one-pot dishes i need at least soy sauce and mirin to make it rich flavor..
Again, i can do it myself.. no need to go to restaurant.. except my fave raw sushi.. i should enjoy it there..
so im dead.. my desire end here. but not really end..
i want to make something that my husband can really enjoy it.. i want to surprise him..

Forget about the things that i cant make it..
so im looking for simple recipe, that everyone can do, without proper ingredient.. we can do tasty dish for dinner..
im thinking to make Oyakodon, one of my husband fave menu..
he introduced me this menu and he also tell story behind this menu when he studied architecture in Perth.. and it definitely one of his signature dish..
i want to see his smile when enjoy my dish..
so i dont tell what i make for dinner, i just prepare the ingredients, i only need 4 ingredients.. one of them is not available on my pantry, so i have an idea to replace it.. (Recipe coming soon)
i need dashi for stock, but i dont have it, so i replace it with anchovies sauce (korean fish sauce).. taste similar..

first try it turn out really bad, over cooked, eggs turn hard.. and taste too salty.. too much water and surprise for husband failed..
but it doesn’t end up there, keep trying and second trial was successful.
“taste awesome, eggs creamy and perfectly cooked, chicken cooked properly, almost perfect. nearly like 5 star restaurant menu” said my husband
I’m flattered.. and when i saw his eyes sparkling, i knew that he was really enjoy it.. i only made one, so we share one large bowl of oyakodon together..
there’s also third and four trial, so with this practice i can mastery oyakodon menu for one of our comfort food at home..
next time maybe i should try yakiniku, katsu, tempura, sukiyaki, teriyaki? or maybe sushi roll?
as i wish..

No PHONE means No PICTURE.. next time ill share the recipes, and pictures.. so you guys can try it at home..
thanks for reading our story for today..


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