Happy 34th birthday!!!

Yesterday was my belove husband birthday, no party, no cake, no surprise for that day.. because i wasnt able yet to go anywhere without him.. little bit bland but i can do little things for him and try with all my heart to give him small present..

With words. Only words can describe a gift.. this year was our very first year on his birthday, as husband and wife.. i only have little bit surprise for him in the mid of the night..

Twelve o’clock, on 20 march 2013, i wake him up with small singing happy birthday song with warm huge around him..
With sleepy face, he woke up and then i gave him kiss. and says

“happy birthday honey, youre getting old now so please stay health and will always love you forever.. hahaha..”

For the night, We have candle light dinner in one of resto in town, share our food and drink, telling a story.. etc.

This year no matter what we have been through, we will always supporting each other.. and also keep wishes for next year.. sure we can do it together..

I love you papa, love you forever..


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